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National Parks Network

Garajonay: Itineraries - La Meseta de Hermigua - El Cedro - La Meseta de Hermigua

  • Mossy trunks

- Difficulty: High
- Duration: 2h. 45 min.
- Length: 3,6 km
- Rise/fall: 260 m
- Self-guided: No
- Connections: 8, 18
- Partial overlap with other routes: 15   

This walk, apart from showing us elements of the heritage, such as the small niche devoted to the Virgen de Guadalupe, patron saint of the island, makes it possible to enjoy one of the permanent flows of water in the Park, with its willow grove, remnants of dry laurisilva with barbusano, forest landscapes, walls with rock vegetation and laurisilva of the mountainsides.

Once you have left the park, the walk goes to the Caserío delCedro which is completely surrounded by woodlands in the lower part of a ravine which carries water throughout the year. A large vertical cliff, with a waterfall of over 200 metres in height, separates this area from Hermigua Valley. The route has a variant through the tunnel which separates the ravines of del Rejo and el Cedro.