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National Parks Network

Garajonay: Itineraries - Laguna Grande - Alto Garajonay - Laguna Grande

  • Mossy trunks

- Difficulty: Medium
- Duration:
- Length: 5,4 km
- Rise/fall: 230 m
- Self-guided: no
- Connections: Tract to El Cercado, sendero Alto- Chipude, PRLG3; rutas: 9,18
- Partial overlap with other routes: 6,7, 18

This path was partially affected by August 2012 wild fire.

This route, which is located on the southward facing slopes of the Park, runs through a young fayal brezal on much of its course, in an area which was until only recently covered by pine plantations and to a lesser extent eucalyptus which show the results of the great efforts made in the programmes of restoration of the original plant life.

Some sections with plants of the largest stature allow you to see the original plant life from this area of the park, dominated by the fayal-brezal. The highest part of the walk offers landscapes typical of the summit of the island and the Fortaleza de Chipude