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National Parks Network

Garajonay: Itineraries - Ermita de Lourdes

  • Mossy trunks

- Difficulty: Low
- Duration: 40 min.
- Length: 0,7 km
- Rise/fall: 43 m
- Connections: 8, 9, 18
- Self-guided: Yes
- This route has numbered poles for audio-guiding. Download it in this link 

This short walk runs through a pretty area of mature laurisilva which is well developed, especially in the vicinity of the watercourses of the secondaryravines where the trees of the greatest stature are located.

The walk leads to a small chapel with a square around it; a few tables and a little jet of drinking water invite you to relax. The stream of the Cedar, which carries more water than any other in the Park, passes through here.